Author William J Breen Jr

How Far Will He Go

It’s a hot August- summer night-

I went to bed- like every other night.

I sleep backwards- so –

My head can be by the open window.

It’s really hot!

But a little breeze comes in-

Along- midnight.

After the days heat passes- to a –

Cooler- midnight.

Aim fast a sleep-

Now that it’s cooler- outside.

When suddenly- something wakes me-

A noise– from outside

I open my eyes-

My head right by the window.

I see him –

His face– pressed up- against the screen-

Outside– my window.

I freeze at the sight-

My body filled with fright-

He looks right at me-

Then falls back down to the ground-

Not making a sound.

I sit up fast-and look outside-

I see him running through my side yard.

He runs to the corner-

Then over my fence-

Across the street-Threw my neighbors back yard.

I wonder -how far- he’ll go-

This being- the second time.

I got a good look at him- this time.

He knows were I live-

He wants me to know-

He can get me at any time!

Written by William J Breen Jr

From  //  From The Edge

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