Author William J Breen Jr

Written By

William J Breen Jr

Dieing Court

It’s dieing time-Crying time

It’s final time-It’s judgment time

This is the Lord –

Your in dieing court.

It’s Your time- You have no more time!

You stand before me-

This time you can’t deny me-

You have no time left-

I’ll show you – all times -you denied me-

Your time -better spent

You can cry- if you like -It will do you- no good-

Its dieing time -your in court-

There’s no lying here-

You can’t fool me-

You stand before me-

You don’t have to- say a word-

I will- show you-

Without speaking -a word-

You can’t see me-

I am just the bright light-

Satan- stands to the left of you-

He’s also- been waiting- for you-

If – I raise- my hand-At the end-

I cast- you away- To Satan and hell-

You a ever lasting- stay.

I show you -your life-

It’s judgment time-

Your- in dieing court-

You come to me- on your last day-

No there’s no time left- to pray

I shy- as I look at you-

I show you- the real you-

You had so much time-

But you lived you life blind-

All your sin- I show you-

Were you been – What you have done-

What you should have done-

As you did to others – you did to me-

I show you – You don’t have to answer me-

What’s done is done-

There’s no time left -to undo- what you have done-

It’s judgment time – Final time-

Heres- all you have done-

I show you all the times- you were with me-

The good that you have done

I show you all the bad times-

All the evil that you are-

I show you the love ,and friends you made-

In the world- My world-My children-All you have done-

It’s dieing time-

Your’s- and my time-On judgment day-

You’re finished- I am done-

My hand- I do raise-

I cast you away-

Go now-I am done!

Published –June 5 2013–From the edge the first book

By William J Breen Jr

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