Alternative Poetry

Alternative Poetry
Written By William J Breen Jr
Setember24 2015
Alternative Poetry
I don’t know when—it will strike again
So I always –have paper and pen
Cat and mouse game—keeps me collar and chained
Yarns of words—I do chase
I don’t sleep—cat naps– day and night
Scattered my thoughts—mouse’s creep at night
Kitty riches have I—nine lives have I
Fussy cat am I—fattest mouse’s chase I
King of the house—king of my domain
Wild—the cat and mouse game
Cat eyes have I—see at night
As I silently lay—As if dead on the floor
Hear every sound that’s made
As I lay waiting on my pray
Arguments in dimensions—see I
Dissenting in debate—the modern—age
Appears—less time working
More time resting—as I look at you
Under my wisdom—I make no obligation to you
Not a word—has to make sense to you
Especially from a cat—like me
Alternative poetry


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