Poem With No Name
Written By William J Breen Jr
July6 2013

Poem With No Name
Just a —–poem
Friendships—Loves—End —Badly
No names—Given —Sadly
Names–No Worth—Stating
Ended —Badly

Just a –Poem
I —Wrote—Sadly
Sometimes–Things end—Badly
Lost—In memories–Forever—-Sadly
Ended —-Badly

Sometimes a friend
Taken—Suddenly—Lost —-Sadly
Sometimes friend —Not friend
Find out—In —Bad ends
Just –A poem——Sadly
Sometimes things—End——-Badly

No names—- Given
Not worth—The time—Stating
Gladly ——Forgotten

Just a —Poem—-With no names
Friendships fall—-Apart
No tears—Just bad—–Ends
No names given–Their forgiven
Sometimes —-Friendships———-End………

From Black Hearts
By William J Breen Jr…/…/1628680881


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