Odd Tree
Written By
William J Breen Jr

Odd Tree
Early morning
I sit on my –Front porch
Early morning–Coffee and Smoke
I look out–In see
My neighbor–Planted –A new tree
Odd tree
Strange too see
Grows upside down
Such a –odd tree
Think–Why –God –Make such a tree
Limbs Grow down
Strange looking tree
As I look–It bothers me
To look –At such a strange tree
Who–Would ever –Buy–Such a tree
It came over me
To each his own
When it grows–Maybe be beautiful
I’ll be dead–Years to grow a tree
I’ll never get –To see
I try not to stare–At the odd tree
God loves –His odd tree
Just –Like–God–Loves–Odd me
Maybe–I look –A lot—
Like –that– Odd tree
Never know–What –People see
Early morning–Coffee and smoke
I sit–With the odd tree
Hope it doesn’t think–Aim odd to see?


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