Dead Ends
Frail my hand falls to my side
Dead ends—fire burns high
Crackle the flames—sparks fly high
Cold the air—leafs talk from up high
Slight the breeze—my body aces
My knees feel the heat—as I start to wake
Yellow the flames –call my name
Many the years –but here still the same
Threw all the years– to come here again
Many miles traveled—to relive it again
Ground lye’s rocky—pebbles and stones
Damp the ground—from last night’s rain
To wake slowly—see the sun rise
October fall colors—on all sides

The others slumber—still asleep
But I rise to the day—what I will meet
I start the fire—with ease
Now needing more dead ends—of fallen trees
Hear gun shots—far off to the east
More to the west—hunters busy at work
As I rebuild the fire—take my first sip
Frail my hand—falls to my side
Much older—am I

The fire returns—crackle and burns
I sit again—to watch the flame
But not long before—I’ll have to gather again
Others walking bye—say good morning
As the sun –lights the new day
Many a dog barks—saying I have to go
As many a camper—wakes to the morning cold
My first cup of coffee—tastes a bit strong
But I need it—to go the day long
I sit wearing my hood—needing to cover my head
As the sting of the cold—still in the air

I hear a trains whistle blow—going north
My neighbor’s dog barks—appears wearing his coat
All start to wake—to greet the new day
Soon the smell of bacon—will fill the air
I hear the walkers shuffling—as they walk through the pebbles and stones
As I add more dead ends—to the fire
The dog barks again—as the children start to arrive
Young voices –fill the air
Running wild from site to site—without care
As the sun rises up high—in the October air

I remove my hood—as I sit by my fire
Thinking to myself—I’ll take a walk today
But not as far—as in my younger days
My arm aces—falls to my side
As my heart much weaker—as I
As I add another piece—to the fire
Bright the sun as it –peaks threw the trees
Warming the air and its breeze—Author am I sit and write
Wishing all my days—started this way
Knowing this one special—in all the old ways
As I have entered –my old age

The sun disappears—by passing clouds
Soon returns warming my legs– as I poke at the fire
I get a second cup of coffee—as my father awakes
But I much older—heart gone frail
I return to my seat—I can see the pond now
I think of Jeffery—my dog and best friend
Lost to this winter—so cold and snowy
Knowing he would have loved—being here
Small white dog—with floppy ears
Kept me company –for all those years
Frail my arm falls –to my side
The pain traveling –to all my left side
I picture Jeffery—here by my side
Into my chest –the pain arrives
I sit and wait –for my death to arrive
Dead Ends


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