Written By
 William J Breen Jr

I worked very hard today-As to wear myself out.
It has been two days- without any sleep!
Supper- I don’t want to eat-
I just undress-I only want to sleep.
It’s raining and cooler -as I lay down for the night.
I lay on my bed -adjust the billow- just right-
And Aim gone- it’s good night.
In a deep sleep- I start to dream
It’s so clear – so real -Aim I really asleep or there?
I see Aim in a strange place-I’ve never been before-
It’s a long hallway-full of side doors.
The hallway is very- very long –
It just seems- to go on and on-
But each end has a door-
That leads to a stairway -up and down- many a floor.
As I creep slowly- down the hall-
I check both sides- for an open door-
All the doors are locked- as I get to the end.
I open the door- to the stairway-
It’s very well lit- It’s awful bright.
I go down to the next floor and go threw the next door.
The hallways dim and the same as the last floor-
All I see are more and more doors.
I check them all trying to find a way out.
I get half way down the hallway-
When suddenly-Victor comes threw the end door.
All I see is his big shining knife.
He sees me and starts running after me
I run to the end and through the door-
I go down the stairway many- many a floor.
It just goes on and on- until-
I don’t hear his foot steps any more.
I open a door into another hallway –
It’s the same as before there’s nothing but doors
Aim almost half way down the hallway –
When I see a different type of door-
It just a brown wooden door-
Suddenly at the end of the hallway-
Victor comes storming through the end door.
Aim so tired I can’t run any more-
I try to open the wooden door-
Victor coming up fast from behind-
The wooden door opens- But Victors right behind.
I enter the room-Aim closing the door-
Victor’s arm- is in-between the door jam -and the door.
I push with my entire mite Victor pushes back just as much.
He pulls back his arm- I slam the door closed-
And lock it fast
I look at it from inside -I hear the animal outside the door.
Aim going to get you -Aim going to have fun with you- before I kill you.
I just step back and look at the door-
The light is so bright inside this room-
Like the sun shinning down on me with no ceiling.
Victors like an animal- he’s yelling and screaming- as he  kicks the door.
Suddenly he comes crashing through the center of the door-
I just freeze – I can’t move-
He slowly creeps closer -he knows I can’t move-
Slowly he creeps step by step closer- he smiles as he creeps
He raises his arm- I see the big shining knife-
I know he’s going to kill me-
Suddenly Donald comes in the door from behind him-
He touches his shoulder and Victor disappears-
I close my eyes-I fell a arm around me –
I open my eyes and Donald turns back into Victor-
Victor smiles as he looks at me-
His other arm coming down- he stabs me-
He pushes the knife again and again -inside me.
I screaming in pain -I awake in a cold sweat-
I still in pain -I can not move- even after I see- aim in my bed room
The pain only goes away after I see that there’s no blood-
My side hasn’t been touched.


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