Poinsettia named Lorreda
Written By
William J Breen Jr
I was at the store -just before Christmas time
I happened to walk by -a table of red poinsettias
When I heard a ladies voice-
It said- hay you -come here-
I looking around- nobody to be found?
Then again- the lady’s voice said-
Over here -Dear
I went around the display-
And the voice said- down here-
I looked down and saw red poinsettias-
The voice said – Aim right here-
I touched a plant- the voice said not that one-
Aim the next one!
Buy me -get me out of here-
My name is Loreda-Aim a talking poinsettia
If you don’t buy me-Aim going to die here-
I heard the man say-
What doesn’t sell today- just throw away
I didn’t know what to say-
Or who I should say it to?
I picked up the plant-
She said good- get me out of here-
I bought her and took her home-
All the way -Loreda talked to me!
I don’t want to be alone- she said?
Do you have a nice home- she said?
Aim so glad Aim not alone -she said-
Aim glad I have you finally to talk to- she said-
You would be surprised how many people are deaf- she said
I’ve been talking to everyone that walked by -she said
But you’re the only one that could hear me- she said
Aim so glad you could hear me -she said
Now Aim not alone -she said
My what a nice home- she said?


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