Howdy you make the devils work-Fun
You-the devil’s attorney
Sold your soul for a hung jury
Genuine Dilemma
All the premises true
The devil deceives the jury
Five alternatives all false
The judge said either guilty or set free
Genuine dilemma -Put to thee
The devil’s the best–Hung jury
The jury can’t agree
District attorney doesn’t know what to do
All the premises are true
He say’s-you must be the devil-
The devil reply’s-Yes that’s true
He states I am the devil
Happy to have worked with you
Yes all your premises are true
Genuine dilemma it true
Honestly there was nothing you could do
But were in court-We swear to tell the truth
Devil replies-what is the truth
It’s a genuine dilemma-You see
Devil states -I have work to do
Nice meeting you
I am sure we’ll meet again
Bye the way-what was your name
Right-I am sure we will meet again
Sorry I am in a hurry-I don’t like to loose a customer
By the way–Have you ever heard-?
Of straw man combined with false dilemma
Were you say you went to school
I didn’t lye you know?
I merrily twisted the truth
I- made a straw man–Out of you
I can never get enough-I have so much to do!!!!


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