A Conversation with God
Written by // William J Breen Jr
August 5 2016
A Conversation with God
I said—God I messed up
He replied —no– only misunderstood
I am sorry there are people like that
Am sorry there are places like that

Anonymous—I look out at the world
Every road has cracks—perfection just a word
Used people are we all—and all will have their turn to fall
Conversations are but words—turn to stone –we must carry, bare
Pave the road –along the way

Am sorry there’re people like that
Am sorry there’re places like that
Like animals do that
My words may not be profound
Make an everlasting sound
But hopefully– your ears be found

Slowing down the days
Now filled with rot and decade
You made a lot of mistakes
So it seems
Killers, liars, thieves
Makes me wonder—so it seems

Why would you
How could you
Plan such wrong doings
In my conversation with God
Such good, such ugliness
For everything must have its opposite

For I have eyes that see
That can fill with tears
Ears that hear
Words never wanting to hear
A mind to take it all in
That can fill me with total fear

To days I did not want to wake
Shook me it’s your fate
I sit here
Were it all began
To those who took it and ran
You say it was all part of your plan

I see things that are very nice
I would love to possess
There are times –I want to rest
To write, but still fear
Somethings will never be clear

To the words you have said
Lead to your death
To all the years that have past
From my beginning
I knowing it must come to its end
I have always tried to be your friend

Well it’s easy to close my eyes
Easy for you to close you ears
Was it all lost when you created man?

He had the position and power
So he ruled
Good man not prefect
Miss used his power time to time
Over the good people he over ruled

Well the leaves shivered cold and bare
In the morning spring air
He came to his end, as we all will
They only want to remember the good that he has done
Wish he was still here

Did you kill yourself?
You have a choice
You did create free will
Well the leaves shivered cold and wet
In the spring time air
In my conversation with God


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